Learn how to use the C-BiLLT

Training is necessary to be able to use and assess the C-BiLLT. In the Netherlands and Belgium training is offered to professionals for the original Dutch version of the C-BiLLT. Depending on the availability of a validated translated version, each country will organize these trainings themselves.

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Our collaborations

We are collaborating with profesionals all over the world with the goal of making C-BiLLT available in as many countries and languages as possible. Currently we have a Dutch and Norwegian version fully implemented and many countries underway. We are open for new collaboratorations too!

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Read about C-BiLLT at the websites of our collaborators. In the future you will find links to all our collaborators here. For now we can direct you to our Dutch website at: nl.c-billt.com
Contact us for possible collaborations or read our FAQ about the possibilities.