• Currently, the C-BiLLT has been implemented throughout the Netherlands and the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.
  • Translation, as well as the pilot study of the Norwegian version has been completed. Training and implementation of the Norwegian version was launched in May 2019.
  • The pilot study of the German version  started in September 2017 and the validity study will start in April 2020. Data collection will take place in the region around Oldenburg and Munich. 
  • In april 2018 the pilot study of the (Canadian) English version of the C-BiLLT has started. Data collection is currently taking place in the region of Ontaria Canada.
  • The validity study of the Swedish version started in January 2020.
  • The validity study of the British English version will start in April 2020.
  • Pilot study of the Romanian version of the C-BiLLT is in preparation.
  • France and part of Switzerland have shown interest for a French version of the C-BiLLT.
  • Countries such as the USA, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Bulgaria, Ukrain, Turkey and Israel have shown interest in bringing the C-BiLLT to their country.

We specifically aim to:
1. Examine the linguistic hierarchy of translated versions of the C-BiLLT and pilot the assessment on typically developing children.
2. Provide reliability and validity ratings of the translated versions of the C-BiLLT in typically developing children.
3. Assess the feasibility of the translated versions of the C-BiLLT on children with severe CP.

Would you like to join us by setting up a C-BiLLT subsidiary in your country? Contact us!